Open Source Software

I believe that our government should be open, not locked in to vendors and platforms that are closed off to the public.

That is why I believe in Open Source Software. All of the software that I write for this campaign is open sourced. Anyone can use this code for their own campaign.

Open Source Software is software where the source code is made available to everyone. Anyone can freely download the code, make changes, run that code, and contribute it back. Open Source powers a majority of the internet. Open Source has helped shape our society for the better.

Campaign Software

Donate php, javascript, stripe

The donate app is a drop in donation tool for a campaign. Using as the payment processor, you can quickly take campaign donations with minimal setup. All of the processing and storage of metadata is done on stripe's side.

GeoCoder Python,

My geocoder app takes the public Florida voter file, and gets the latitude and longitude from each address. This allows visualization software to show me where voters are while using less computational resources.