What I Believe In

  • Equal Rights

  • Let Teachers Be Teachers

  • Single Payer Healthcare - Medicare Expansion

  • Paid Sick, Paternity, & Maternity Leave

  • Expanding Mental Health Care

  • Online Education

  • Lowering Textbook Prices

  • Lowering Student Loans

  • Better Internet Options

  • Open source and Open Standards for Government Documents

  • Bodycams for our Police Officers

  • Abolishing Private Prisons

  • Turning Prisons into Places of Rehab

  • Net Neutrality

  • Marijuana Reform

K-12 Education

  • Kids take too many standardized tests.

    • A child’s growth cannot be just measured with a scantron test over 6 hours.

    • Kids learn best from teachers who are passionate about their subject.

  • Schools and districts feel pressure to continuously show improvement, without getting the resources to show that growth.

    • We can't expect education to be like the stock market and expect a huge return semester after semester, we need to invest for the long term.

  • School Funding

    • School's are funded from property taxes.  Lower income schools do not get the same amount of money as higher income schools.

    • All school funding should be equal because all children are equal.

    • Per child spending should be equitable across the state.

Higher Education

I believe in higher education, it’s why I love working for UCF but I’m still paying my student loans years after graduating.

The high cost is worth it, but we have to lower these fees and add ons.

  • Get rid of one time use codes in textbooks.

    • Textbooks are still one of the highest add on expenses for college. Florida's textbook affordability statutes do not go far enough to ease this cost.

    • Now textbooks come with one time use codes for online labs and content that can only be bought at retail cost.

    • Solution: All graded content must be included in your tuition. These one time use codes get around the first sale doctrine. Let's fix that.

  • Online learning

    • Let’s continue to invest in making more degrees available as fully online programs.

    • Let’s continue funding our faculty in the proper ways to teach online.


  • Affordable, high-speed access to the internet, with no datacaps, is infrastructure that we cannot ignore.

  • When one of the main providers of internet to the Orlando area is also the #1 worst rated company in America, we have a problem.

  • Let’s get Google Fiber to come to more areas of Florida.


  • Floridian's have a right to healthcare.

  • We can make a Medicaid Expansion for All work.

  • The Florida Senate passed it.  The Florida House did not.  I will be another vote FOR this rather than against it.